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1980 SSV-168 project
Transom Page 1

(or how to get dusty and itchy)

Here is a pic of the boat at the dealership in Riverside, and a pic of it completely stripped down in front of my shop. Notice the split and partialy removed transom...


Here's the boat in question at the boat dealer that shall remain nameless for selling me a rotted transom... I mean boat. So far I've removed the outdrive, Merc120 engine and the gimbal housing so I can get at the transom. After hours of picking away at the tanbark like stuff with a die grinder and 1/4" router bit, I resorted to separating the two sheets of 3/4" ply with a pry bar. The two sheets of ply were not laminated together... go figure, but that just made my job easier. I removed what was necessary from the back sheet and exposed a much larger area of the front sheet by routing halfway through with a regular B&D router. This way the repair will consist of the smaller inside sheet repair and a much larger sheet overlaping most of the trasom area, making the whole repair incredibly strong! I will follow all this up by reglassing all the transom and rear stringers up with chopped strand and mold making resin (the expensive green stuff) Then I'll coat the engine bay with two part copon epoxy paint and reassemble.